Cycle Flebosil

A wall affected by rising damp in the years absorbs a considerable amount of water, if you stop the flow through the insertion of a barrier, the residual moisture tends to evaporate faster or slower, depending on the amount of water which has been absorbed, the thickness of the walls, the physical-chemical nature of the product, temperatures and relative humidity in the atmosphere around and finally of the percentage of hygroscopic salts.

First you need to make an inspection to examine the environmental conditions, tracking the distribution of quotas and the drilling using mechanical instruments of adequate power.

  • The drilling will be performed in one side of the wall horizontally or vertically, and follow the trend of the height difference between rooms, or between different units inside and outside and will be made for almost the entire depth of the wall, with the exception of the last 5 cm., to prevent the chemicals oozing out.
  • Application of transfusion that will be arranged at the base of the walls at a distance of cm.15-20 And a height of 15 from the floor, with a suitable angle.
  • Impregnation with oligomeric siloxane resins, alkyl-low molecular weight, in water emulsion. The chemical formula, suitable for transfusion or injected via injectors connected to the graduated containers (type drip), allows a slow and gradual impregnation of the wall, easily controlled both the amount of product injected and the time required to absorb the product from the wall.


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